Wednesday, September 10, 2008

HELP !! I cannot get my Blog back !!

Ok, so I tried to change the background, and now I don't have a tab or anything to click on that says " Layout" for me to add Favorite Blogs or anything.... I even tried changing to different templates and still nothing ...Anyone have any ideas what I can do ???

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Prim Sisters Helping Sisters Auction

I hope you will go check out this beautiful Hand Hooked ~Mr. Pumpkin~ Rug
I know we all need help sometimes...Things happen in our lives, a death of a loved one , and the after effects...Our dear friend and Prim Sister Sandy(shutt) from P&R has had just such a tragedy in her life recently. And now she is without hesitation, taking on the responsibility of 2 young children, after her brother's death. Please take a look at the auction and bid from your heart !!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Forgot to add the FREEBIE Harvest Doodle

I was going to post the doodle as a freebie for you to use as a stitchery or make a penny rug out it is...ENJOY !!

Another New Fall Wool Applique Design...

This is another new design I've done up...I haven't had too much time this weekend to do anything else, but this was really pretty quick and easy...I haven't got the edges or tongues done on it yet....

Well, back to work on what ?? I haven't figured that out yet...
Enjoy the Day !!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finished a few Fall items...working on some more

I'm really getting in the Fall swing of things, especially with September finally here ! I've waited for this day as my personal "excuse" to begin decorating for Fall and to really get a groove on in creating Fall?Halloween goodies.... I never quite feel right working on Fall or Christmas things till at least the first of September.... Just a little quirk,,,I came from the era where wearing white past Labor Day was still a a Fashion" Faux Pas " ....LOL...So I guess I have certain guidlines ingrained in my Baby Boomer Brain !!
So here is a pillow I finished up using my Freebie Design.. It looks all puckered and it is sewing machine was giving me fits and I had to re-stitch around the stitchery with the fabric as my stitches got all messed up and the tension was whacky, but oh well, guess I'll just have to keep it...lOL

Then I also finished up a new design for Wool Applique and I'm working on the pattern..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

AHHH...Fall is in the air !! And some Freebie Doodles

I can smell it today..The weather is cooler and the air just has that clean, crisper feel and smell to it...I know I'm not the only one that notices these things... I am so Thankful today, that I live in an area where we experience the change of seasons. I've lived in California for 3 years..twice in the late 70's and then again in the late 80's ..My inlaws moved out there shortly after hubby and I married, and my brother-in-laws were all much younger than my hubby, so they've been raised there.
We moved out for a short time but I was so homesick, I had to come back to Pa. after 3 years. Then after we sold the farm ( the cows and equipment) we moved out again, this time with 5 small children in tow. I knew right away I wasn't prepared for raising my children in the hectic lifestyle of Southern California ( Anaheim, Buena Park area) so we moved back, after I finished Nursing School ( which was free out there except for books and uniforms)...
So...with all that said, I am in the Fall/ Autumn mood...I'm working on 2 new Wool Applique designs and patterns , but I was going through some older stuff and found some Doodles for Fall that are not on my site anymore and I don't think I've offered them here so grab them if you like and get yourself in the Fall Mood !!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Sister in Need...

Some of you may know , some may not, and I can't go into alot of detail here, but a Prim sister on P&R has had a family tragedy...the loss of a loved one and out of this has also come a decision on her part to take on added responsibility for 2 small people.... they are coming to her without much and school is starting just around the corner....We are having an Ornie Auction the 2nd week of Sept. and I am also having a Fall EPattern special to raise the money to buy a few trees for the ornies.... So with all that said, here is the special... Buy any 1 of my Fall E Patterns and you get a second one free !! Just purchase any 1 and I will email you back asking which second pattern you would like and send it right off to you....
Also. I am having a Fall Yard Sale ... This was planned way before the Ornie Auction , but hey if you see anything you might like, I will donate 1/2 of the proceeds to this dear Prim Pal !!!
Here is a visual to give you an idea of why I want to clean out some of my fabric and such so bad :

My craft room is more like the size of a large closet and I really have been feeling quite stifled in here ,so I emptied bins and bags and this is just some of what I am going through....
Here is the link to my Online Yard Sale
Just give me a holler at if you see something you gotta have....